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Name:Sheriff Bigby Wolf
Location:Fabletown, NYC, New York, United States of America
Born to the North Wind and the she-wolf Winter, Bigby was the runt of the litter of seven cubs, and was called the Big Bad Wolf in mockery by his brothers. Even as a pup, he hated his father for leaving the pack, even though the wind is never constant or reliable. After his mother died and his elder brothers went to learn from their father, Bigby swore vengeance against his father and vowed to kill something bigger every day. His prey included the Three Little Pigs, and eventually, Red Riding Hood and her grandmother, the first humans he'd ever hunted. A local woodsman interrupted his hunt and cut him open, filled his belly full of stones, and threw him in a river where he remained for three weeks, holding his breath and ridding himself of the stones, until he could swim to the surface. He vowed from that point on to only hunt humans.

Through hunting humans, Bigby grew in size from a runt to an unnaturally large wolf, big enough to devour entire towns and kill dragons alone. Armed with the powers he inherited from his parents and his newfound size, he attempted to kill his father seven times, and each time he was defeated. After the seventh defeat, he vowed to forget his father, stop mourning his mother, and to be his own wolf.

He lived in a forest realm on his own, hunting those who passed through, until the invasion of the Adversary and his armies, who slaughtered any and all Fables who would not join them. Bigby attempted to hunt the goblins, but their corruption tasted too foul to eat, and they offered no suitable replacements for the prey they killed. They offered him a place in their army but he refused to be subservient to any master, and he dedicated himself to destroying every one of the Adversary's men that he found.

After discovering a witch's portal to the mundane world, Bigby decided to frustrate the Adversary further by leading Fables who wanted to escape through the portal, after being allowed a small taste of their flesh to make sure they were not corrupted. This he did for over two centuries, until the Adversary's forces became too great and he went through the portal himself, living far away from the Fables he'd helped rescue as to not undo his work.

Eventually, he was tracked down by Snow White, one of the Fables he'd helped rescue so many centuries before, who came with an offer to join the new Fabletown community in New Amsterdam, so long as he could pass as human. She brought with her an enchanted knife that could grant lycanthropy to men, or in his case, the ability for a wolf to take human form at will. He agreed, and though few Fables feel they can trust someone who once hunted and ate so many of them, every Fable in the community has been granted amnesty for their past in the Homelands.

Bigby is now Fabletown's sheriff, charged with enforcing the rules to keep them beneath the notice of the mundies in New York City, and to keep the peace between the Fables who were only united by loss and a common enemy. As with all Fables living in the mundy world, he has been granted amnesty for his past in the Homelands, and is attempting to turn over a new leaf, looking after the wellbeing of his fellow Fables.

Roleplaying journal of Sheriff Bigby Wolf from DC Comics' Fables and its prequel videogame, The Wolf Among Us.

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